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Greece: film and television production incentives (cash rebate) program



Greek Cash Rebate Rate

  • 40% on eligible production cost spent in Greece.

Minimum eligible spend

  • 100,000€ for films

  • 25,000€ per TV episode + total minimum for TV series at 100,000€ / 15,000€ per TV episode (70 episodes minimum + total minimum for TV series at 100,000€)

  • 60,000€ for shorts and animated films

  • 60,000€ for documentaries

  • 20,000€ per episode (docuseries + total minimum for docuseries at 60,000€)

  • 30,000€ for digital games.


Eligible budget ratios

  • Maximum eligible production cost: up to 80% of total budget.

  • Maximum eligible above-the-line (ATL) spend: up to 25% of the maximum eligible production cost. 

Maximum cash rebate


  • 12 million Euros per project. 

Eligible Expenses

  • All production and post-production related cost including: 

    • Insurance premiums and completion bond guarantees (5%)

    • Production service company’s fee (10%)

    • Fuel expenses up to 0,02%

    • Cash receipts up to 0,005%

    • Per-diems

    • Travel expenses: from - to Greece + domestic.

    • Dubbing / Subtitling.

Ineligible expenses:

  • expenses for financial assets,

  • fixed assets and their depreciation,

  • marketing, promotion and communication costs.

Application time-frame

  • Up to ten (10) days prior to the project's 1st day of principle photography in Greece. 

  • Applications through

Rebate time-frame

  • Within six (6) months from project completion (wrap) in Greece.

Special Provisions for High Budget Productions


For projects with eligible expenses over eight (8) € milliom: 


  • Scriptwriter and director’s fees,

  • Salaries of crew and cast for feature films,

    • or expenses for rights to use images – voices, character design and source code, for cultural and educational digital games

Invoices for non-resident labour, issued by physical entities or companies or other legal entities with registered office or permanent establishment in a foreign state cannot exceed 50% of the total eligible expenses.

Based in Athens, Greece; providing film and television production and location services in Greece since 2001. 
Member of the (Greek) Media Producers Association - PACT.

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