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2001 - 2021
Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

Greece: film and television production incentives (cash rebate) program

Shortly after the Greek Cash Rebate Program's launch in May 2018, FilmGreece successfully managed the cash rebate file of the British feature film "Greed". Please refer to our Credits.



Greek Cash Rebate Rate

  • 40% on eligible production cost spent in Greece.

Minimum eligible spend

  • 100,000€ for films

  • 25,000€ per TV episode + total minimum for TV series at 100,000€ / 15,000€ per TV episode (70 episodes minimum + total minimum for TV series at 100,000€)

  • 60,000€ for shorts and animated films

  • 60,000€ for documentaries

  • 20,000€ per episode (docuseries + total minimum for docuseries at 60,000€)

  • 30,000€ for digital games.


Eligible budget ratios

  • Maximum eligible production cost: up to 80% of total budget.

  • Maximum eligible above-the-line (ATL) spend: up to 25% of the maximum eligible production cost. 

Maximum cash rebate


  • 12 million Euros per project. 

Eligible Expenses

  • All production and post-production related cost including: 

    • Insurance premiums and completion bond guarantees (5%)

    • Production service company’s fee (10%)

    • Fuel expenses up to 0,02%

    • Cash receipts up to 0,005%

    • Per-diems

    • Travel expenses: from - to Greece + domestic.

    • Dubbing / Subtitling.

Ineligible expenses:

  • expenses for financial assets,

  • fixed assets and their depreciation,

  • marketing, promotion and communication costs.

Application time-frame

  • Up to ten (10) days prior to the project's 1st day of principle photography in Greece. 

  • Applications through

Rebate time-frame

  • Within six (6) months from project completion (wrap) in Greece.

Special Provisions for High Budget Productions


For projects with eligible expenses over eight (8) € milliom: 


  • Scriptwriter and director’s fees,

  • Salaries of crew and cast for feature films,

    • or expenses for rights to use images – voices, character design and source code, for cultural and educational digital games

Invoices for non-resident labour, issued by physical entities or companies or other legal entities with registered office or permanent establishment in a foreign state cannot exceed 50% of the total eligible expenses.

Based in Athens, Greece; providing film and television production and location services in Greece since 2001. 
Member of the (Greek) Media Producers Association - PACT.

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