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filming in Greece

In the recent past Greece's prolific cinematography output reached a production peak of approximately 100 films per year. At present, Greek television programs and commercials form a competitive domestic market that, in turn, supports a good number of medium-sized studios and well-equipped rental houses and post-production facilities.

Personnel are skilled, well-trained, efficient, hard-working and able to meet international and other EU countries' cinematography standards. Prices are very competitive compared to the rest of the EU and production equipment variety is more than adequate in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

For the cinematographer and photographer, Greece has a lot to offer. Cosmopolitan ambience. Monastic seclusion. Old ways and up-to-the-minute trends. Cities and resorts have high fashion districts, bustling daily activity and lively night-life for all walks of life. Smaller centres still live in a more conservative recent past. Some regions still observe folkways. Architecture represents high tech and post modern structures as well as whitewashed fishing villages, stone-built mountain keeps, ancient sites, Byzantine churches and castles, Medieval fortresses, late 19th century coastal towns, modern cities, old-style spas, island mansions and more.

Contact us for location suggestions. It usually takes less than 24 hours for an answer.

Based in Athens, Greece; providing film and television production and location services in Greece since 2001. 
Member of the (Greek) Media Producers Association - PACT.

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