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         To stitch a few words together and testify to the company's attributes and my experience with them, would not do the company justice. No words have been invented to express the extreme level of professionalism, dedication, creative input and care the company provides wholeheartedly.


I have had the immense pleasure to work with THE most professional production company in both Greece and Norway. I hope to be lucky enough to collaborate with the FilmGreece family again in the future.


PS: Murphy's law has no hold when FilmGreece is on set.


Rania Atallah
Executive Producer - MA3RABAB TV Show
Prana Productions
Beirut, Lebanon




         I am glad that we had a wonderful shoot of "Tashan" in Greece. The locations are looking fantastic and this is a start of a lot of shoots coming your way. I assure you that Yash Raj Films and the entire crew of Tashan has  very good  things to speak about you and your crew. I am sure we will work again sooner than later. I thank you once again for all the good work. Hope to see you in India soon. 

Aashish Singh
Vice President - Production
Yash Raj Films, Mumbai

          I highly recommended Film Greece as a production contact for media work in Greece. They bring the best combination of talents to the services that they provide to outside productions coming to Greece. Their technical background helps them to understand the nuances of film work and they work tirelessly to help achieve the best that is possible out of a production. At core, at Film Greece they are perfectionists but their drive to do things "right" is tempered by a real understanding and appreciation of the limits of one's budget.  Their creative ability to work within budgetary constraints is reason enough to hire them. And most of all, their are lovely human beings with a great sense of humor. I can't wait to come back to Greece to work with them again.

Reuben Aaronson
Cinessential Films, Inc., Los Angeles, CA




        We are very glad that we chose FilmGreece to assist us with our feature-film project "Quando sei nato non puoi più nascoderti". Their arrangements for locations were film-friendly (even on the sea!). Their efficiency and understanding of the local environment  meant they were flexible and efficient with pre-planning, unforeseen circumstances and last-minute needs. They were sensitive to the needs of creatives and crew, including the excellent casting and managing of (50) local extras. And I appreciated that they were budget conscious but still managed to add to our production values despite restraints ... in short: I will work with FilmGreece, again, anytime.

Gianfranco Barbagallo
Line Producer
Cattleya S.p.A., Rome



           I had a wonderful time working with Film Greece for my programme Resurrection. They were extremely helpful and competent colleagues and guides, very much aware of the issues in working with biblical and classical themes, and cheerful companions in the thousand matters involved in making a film.

Tom Wright
Bishop of Durham
"Resurrection" documentary for Channel-4,




          I wish to express my appreciation for outstanding help that the crew and I received during the filming of the documentary Parthenon. The programme was shown in Japan when the nations interest for Greece was highest due to Olympic Games, and received satisfactory rate of 94%. I hope the programme helped Japanese people to understand Greek and European culture, thanks to you. I also sincerely hope I will have the opportunity to reciprocate your kindness in the near future.

Shoko Sakuramoto
NHK Enterprises Europe



​         The (Monster Box) show was a success with an overall rating of 15.5% and at the top of rating for that time frame!  Everyone's hard work was essential to the success of the show.  We owe our gratitude to both of you.  We could have not pulled it off without you two!  Thank you very much. Until next time,

Yoshi Kogake
Television Director for the Monster-Box show
Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)




​         The Film Greece team were excellent, efficient and friendly, tactfully dealing with difficult shooting situations, and just making our problems go away.

Peter Woodward
"True Story of Alexander the Great" documentary for The History Channel.

Los Angeles, CA


​         Christos Giotis and Film Greece are the best colleagues one could imagine. They facilitated the acquisition of priceless historical objects for our exhibition, "Troy," with intelligence, uncommon persistence, and constant good cheer. They blur the line between professional partners and friends, making the success of the project a shared personal goal.

Peter Radetsky
Director, Creative/Content Development
Clear Channel Exhibitions






       You can count on my highest recommendation. I have already told NatGeo that they should rely on you for all future needs in Greece. Your Beta footage of the fire-walking was fabulous.  The three cameras combined captured excellent coverage and I am sure we - and NatGeo - will be thrilled with the results when we see them cut together. The edit starts later this week. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again.

Alan Tomlinson
National Geographic Television


Based in Athens, Greece; providing film and television production and location services in Greece since 2001. 

Member of the (Greek) Media Producers Association - PACT.

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