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2001 - 2021
Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence


More than one hundred (>100) credits, including feature films, documentaries, TV drama, news & current affairs, food and cooking shows, satellite broadcasts, corporate videos, contests, infomercials, TVCs, etc.  

Note: some of our recent projects may be tied-up to non-disclosure agreements and may not be posted for a period of twenty four (24) months after completion. 

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2020, Leopard USA

House Hunters International: Chania, Crete

2019, Zara Home (ES)

Commercial Photoshoot in Mykonos.  

2019, Leopard USA

House Hunters International : Athens and Thessaloniki

2018, Ragdoll TV Ltd (U.K.)


Feature film with Steve Coogan and Isla FisherDirected by Michael Winterbottom; produced by Melissa Parmenter and Damian Jones. Serviced in Greece by FilmGreece. The project was successfully included in the Greek Film Production Incentives (Cash Rebate) Program.

2018, Storymaker (NZ)

"How not to get Cancer" - an Educational Documentary Series for the State Broadcaster of New Zealand (TVNZ).

Presented by Dr. Richard Babor, general and cancer surgeon, this is a serious evidence-based series revealing surprising facts about cancer prevention - and exploding the myths.   


2017, Yash Raj Films (IN), 


Feature film, produced by India's Yash Raj Films. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and choreographed by Vaibhavi Mercant with Salman Khan and Katrina KaifThe movie song Swag Se Swagat was shot entirely in Naxos, Greece with a total cast and crew of 224 (two hundred and twenty four) people.  Line producers (Greece): FilmGreece

2017, State of the Arts (USA)

State of the Arts goes to Greece

George Kordis - Byzantine Artist - YouTube Video

2017, Leopard USA

House Hunters International : Paralio Astros

2017, Mirabele Productions (FR)
Blue Zone 360: a Virtual Reality (VR) project for Chanel Cosmetics' Blue Serum line.  

2017, Getzels Gordon Productions (USA)

Closer to Truth: Physics of Fine Tuning

2017, Leopard USA
House Hunters International Chania

2017, De Haaien (NL)

What is the right thing to do? 

2017, Leopard USA
House Hunters International : Athens

2016, Litton Entertainment (USA)

Ocean Treks , with Jeff Corwin

2016, Massif Management (USA)

PRANA commercial catalogue (photo shoot)

2016, Litton Entertainment (USA)

Vacation Creation

2015, Zengo Inc (NHK) (JP)

Project title: Social Impact Investment

Investigative documentary on the Greek Economy by the awarded journalist Taku Nishimae.



2015, Citizens United (USA)

"Image Bearers"



2015, CNN (USA)

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Uknown: Greece, Naxos.















2015, National Geographic TV (USA)

Project title: THE GREEKS: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great.

2015, National Geographic TV (USA)

Project title: THE GREEKS: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great.



2014, National Geographic TV (USA)

Project title: THE GREEKS: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great.


2014, Imagination TV (NZ)

"Tour of Beauty"

Inquiring about the longevity of the people of Ikaria island.  



2014, Nippon Television (JP)

"ITTE-Q  - Ikaria Longevity Project"

Most successful variety show of Japan with a 20% of share. It also has a lot of followers in Europe. 




MA3RABAB - Greece

Produced by Rania Atallah, filmed in Santorini. 



2014, The History Channel

"ISO: Atlantis"

Produced by Prometheus Pictures of Los Angeles. 



2014, Nippon Television (JP)


Most successful variety show of Japan with a 20% of share. It also has a lot of followers in Europe. 



2013, Foxstar Studios India (IN)


Feature film, starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, shot in Mykonos and Santorini.

Directed by Siddharth Anand. 

2013, Travel Channel (USA)

"Hotel Impossible"​

Television Program

2012, IF Productions (DE)



2012, ASAHI TV (JP)

"Hodo Station"




2011, OMAN TV (OMAN)
"Insaan Min Hathaa Al Zamaan"
The first Omani Television drama project to ever shoot in Greece.
Director: Anees al Habib
Actors: Issam al Zadjali, Maria Tsaroucha, Natasha Marmataki and Davydd Cook.

"ME 01"
Infomercial shot in Mykonos/Greece. (Sorry, no further details.)

Infomercial on the KORRES natural products company. 

2010, Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd (IN)"GAME"Partly shot in the Greek island of Samos, "GAME" is a feature film produced by Ritesh Sidhwani / Excel Entertainment of India, directed by Abhinay Deo and hosting (in random order): Anupam Kher, Abhishek  Bachan, Gauhar Khan,  Boman Irani,  Shahana Goswami, Jimmy Shergill,  Kangana and  Gary Tantoni.

2010, National Geographic Magazine (U.S.A)
A host of National Geographic photographers visited Athens and the area, photographing "real people, doing real things" for the HSBC Bank's international marketing campaign.

2009, Mostra S.A. (BG)
"Unity In Diversity In Europe"
"Shanghai Expo 2010 - European Committee / EU Pavillion"
This video installation will illustrate the main theme of Shanghai Expo 2010 - BETTER LIFE BETTER CITY  from a European perspective. Sub-themes  include: city and architecture, clean environment, education, public transport and mobility, art and culture, freedom of the press, diversity of people, sports, and gastronomy.

2009, Red Sky Productions (NZ)
"The Historical Jesus"
The documentary goes in search of the Historical Jesus - Jesus the son of Man. What was he like? What factors shaped his life? Was he exposed to Greek culture as a young man? (After all, the Hellenistic city of Sepphoris was only 4 km away from Nazareth...)

2009, NHK (JP)
"The Amorgos Postman"
A heartfelt documentary portraying life in the Aegiali area of Amorgos island, through the eyes and interactions of the local Postman.


2009, Citizen Pictures (U.S.A.)
"Extreme Cuisine"
A Food Network television show featuring Jeff Corwin cooking certain "extreme" Greek recipes (including the catching of the food. :)

2009, Fresh One (U.K.)
"Jamie Does"
Jamie Oliver (yes, Jamie Oliver) came over to Greece to cook! (Sorry, no more details !!! :) 

2009, FUJI TV (M&M Media Services) (JP)
"Rocket Wars"
Every year, during Easter, in the Greek island of Chios, at the village of Vrontados, a funny "contest" takes place: the Rocket Wars! Groups within the community prepare some 45,000 handmade rockets all year long just to launch them during Easter time. This year, Japan's Mr. Daisuke Miyagawa paid a visit to Vrontados together with his TV crew. 

2009, Deutsche Welle (DE)
"Crisis in Greek Tourism"
A detailed television news report on the projected impact of the global financial crisis on Greek Tourism.

2009, Deutsche Welle (DE)
"Eleusis Waste Water"
A detailed television news report on the environmental impact of heavy industries in the bay of Eleusis.

2008, Deutsche Welle (DE)
"Shipping Crisis"
A detailed television news research on how the global economic crisis affects the Shipping business. 

2008, EMC Corporation (U.S.A.)
"Corporate Documentary"
A series of corporate interviews.

2008, Multimedia Productions (U.S.A)
"Advent Technologies"
Corporate documentary.

2008, SPG-TV - Starwood Hotels (IT)
"Astir Westin Palace Hotel"
Presentation/Corporate documentary of the Hotel for Starwood's corporate TV channel.

2007-2008, Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd (IN)
Voted as "the most awaited film in India for 2008", Tashan was partly shot in various locations in Greece.
Produced by Aditya Chopra.
Written & directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya.
Starring: (in alphabetical order): Anil Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan.
Line producers (Greece): Film Greece



"C'est pas moi, je le jure"
A feature film from Quebec, Canada that shot a number of scenes in Greece.
Directed by Philippe Falardeau, produced by MICRO_SCOPE's Luc Dery and Kim McCraw, featuring Suzanne Clement and photographed by André Turpin.

2007, NHK - JOHO (JP)
"Beijing Olympics 2008" Television Trailer
NHK-Joho visited Greece in order to shoot the necessary footage that will later be used in NHK's Olympics 2008 trailers. 

2007, SPG TV (IT)
"Starwood Hotels' feature on Athens"
SPG-TV is a life style channel belonging to Starwood Hotels & Resorts. We broadcast in Europe, Africa and Middle East and our audience is the guests of our hotels. The feature on Athens focuses on the life style, art and culture of the Greek capitol city.

2007, Grant Delin Photography (U.S.A.)
"Culture and Travel Magazine"
Photo-shoot for the Culture and Travel Magazine, featuring the cultures of modern an ancient Athens. 

2007, BBC Scotland (U.K.)
"National Lottery Jet Set 2012 : Greece"
With up to 10 million viewers a week, its the UK's only live prime time quiz show, broadcast on the UK's biggest channel, BBC1.  Each week our winners experience the trip of a lifetime, staying in the most luxurious hotels and enjoying the best activities that money can buy - as well as some it can't.  Their holiday highlights are filmed and shown on the next week's live show as they compete to stay on holiday and go on to the next destination!  The holidays are also featured in video and pictures as part of the BBC website (the most visited content site in the UK with approximately 1 billion page impressions generated each month).

2007, ALL MUSIC TV (IT) 
Flycase is a five episode TV program that mixes music and travel; each episode was shot in a different part of the world: Barcelona, Morocco, Mexico, Greece and Prague. In Greece the program's hostess Lucilla together with the famous Italian hip-hop band  - Flaminio Maphia - are searching for a local famous music band (Matisse) for a musical connection between Italy and Greece. This research will go across three of the most striking places in Greece (ATHENS for music and culture, SANTORINI for beaches and nature, MYKONOS for amusement and nightlife). 

2007, Jupiter Entertainment (U.S.A.), History Channel 
"The Human Weapon"
This television series takes two martial arts adventurers on a globe-trotting adventure around the world to learn, experience and compete in the martial arts cultures of every nation. In the Pankration program, our two martial arts Hosts are in Greece to learn the history of Pankration and receive instruction in several of its diverse styles from Greece's most accomplished Pankration Trainers and Historians.

2007, Cineflix Productions (Canada) for National Geographic Television
"Air Crash Investigation (Mayday 4) - Helios Airways 522: August 14, 2005"
What begins as a minor air conditioning problem on this low budget flight from Cyprus to Athens, turns into a major incident. When air traffic control lose contact with this plane, military jets are sent to investigate a possible hijack and the truth is far more alarming.

2006, JWM Productions (U.S.A.)  for The History Channel
"Digging For The Truth" with Josh Bernstein
Production details TBA

2006, Seneca Productions (U.K.) - for Channel 4. 
"This is Civilisation"
A four part series for Channel 4 television in the UK - a modern day look at the history of the world through art and architecture, presented by Matthew Collings. 

2006, Discovery Production Group / Travel Channel (U.S.A.)
"Not your average travel guide"
Kate Ward is taking the Travel Channel audience around Greece; but on a slightly different itinerary. Yes, theres a lot of Acropolis and other antiquities in the show; but theres also a fresh fish and meat market, a taxi-driver, a marathon-man, a poet sandal-maker, several cooks, a modern artist, a sailboat as well as those unique Kithyra, Monemvasia, Nafplion town and other destinations Greeks like to keep for themselves...

2006, National Geographic Television (U.S.A.)
"Mega Volcanoes"
A thousand years before the empire of Aristotle, Plato, and Alexander, the Minoans built Europes first civilization.  They ruled the eastern Mediterranean for 1500 years, trading from Egypt to Babylon, until their power mysteriously collapsed.  Could Thera's super-heated hurricane (from the volcano explosion) have raced all the way to Crete - the center of power for the ancient Minoans? Scientists think the volume of debris hurled into the sea by Thera's eruption was enough to spawn one of the biggest tsunamis in recorded history, a wall of water tall enough to wash over entire islands.  The shoot incorporated large scale volcanic havoc recreations, ash, boats, wind-machines, smoke machines, costumes designed exclusively for the production, a lot of extras, ideal locations and a lot of hard work.    

2006, Kralyevich Productions Inc (U.S.A.)
"Greece: Engineering an Empire "
A two-hour special for the History Channel that will explore the 1500 year history of incredible engineering accomplishments, as well as the leaders who made them happen. Western Civilization has been influenced by many cultures, from Rome to America, but it was born in Ancient Greece. For most people, Ancient Greece brings to mind philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates, Olympian gods, the beginnings of democracy, and Alexander the Great. But there is another side to the Ancient Greeks that many do not know aboutincredible feats of engineering and technology. Greece is a story about the human drive to explore, to wonder, to be curious. Hosted by Peter Weller, this 5-week shoot featured a lot of impressive recreations as well as incredible camera-work. Scheduled to air on August 21st, 2006 at 22.00 (in the US).

2006, National Geographic Television (U.S.A.)
"Is It Real? : Atlantis "
This time National Geographics Is It  Real series dealt with Atlantis, itself. Using the Santorini volcano eruption model professors Floyd McCoy (University of Hawaii) and Costas Synolakis (University of Southern California) explained how a volcano and a consequent tsunami blasted a whole island and a few civilizations into oblivion at around 1,400 BC probably in the same way another volcano destroyed legendary Atlantis, as Plato described it in his Critias and Timaios dialogues. If a volcano can blow up an island in historical times, why another island couldnt have the same fate beyond living memory? (Stay tuned) The Atlantean recreations were impressive.

2005, JWM Productions (U.S.A.)
"Digging For The Truth: Iliad "
Hosted by Josh Bernstein Digging for the Truth is a new exciting History Channel series filmed in HDTV. Host, explorer and survival expert Josh Bernstein takes a fresh look at the world´s greatest ancient mysteries and puts adventure back into history as he travels to some of the most intriguing, remote and physically challenging locations in the world. In this episode, Josh is researching Homer´s Iliad. Did it really happen?

2005, National Geographic Television (U.S.A.)
"Ultimate Bridges"
A documentary series on big and impressive bridges of the world. Among them is the Rion - Antirion Bridge, which is connecting two pieces of land belonging to different tectonic plates who are kept apart by a sea-water canal with water-currents of 5 miles per hour. 

2005, Japanese Spartathlon Team (JP)
Support for the Japanese Spartathlon Team. The Spartathon is a 243Km run (yes, a two hundred forty three kilometers run) the ancient marathon-runner Feidipides did prior to the Battle of Marathon conveying a message from Athens to Sparta and back. It happens every year with athletes from all over the world, who run non-stop from Athens to Sparta. The run lasts for about 22 hours.

2005, Doc-Team Productions (DE)
"The Myth of the Amazons"
One hour documentary for ARTE/NDR on the myth of the Amazons, directed by Wolfgang Wegner and curated by Dr. Jochen Fornasier.

2005, Popular Arts Entertainment (U.S.A.)
"Where did it come from?"
Documentary series for The History Channel exploring the origins of the ideas shaping our modern world: the super-tanker can be traced back to the Syrakousia, the propeller evolved from Archimedess screw-pump, etc.    

2005, LuxVide S.p.A. (IT)
Location scouting and preparation for an Italian television series dealing with the Aristoteles Onassis  Maria Callas love affair. 

2005, CineNova Productions (CA)
"Prestige: The Anatomy of a disaster"
A documentary on the Prestige shipwreck for the National Geographic Television, partly shot in Greece. Directed by Jane Armstrong. 

2005, Radical Media (U.K.)
"The Acropolis of Athens" / PHILIPS TVC 
The first commercial to be shot up on the Acropolis rock, ever. Location management, site management, production coordination and a lot of hard work on all sides. Brilliant. ;)  

2004, National Geographic Television (U.S.A.)
"Spontaneous Human Combustion"
This shoot was for a program on Spontaneous Human Combustion and the possible theories or explanations for the cause of the phenomenon that reduces human bodies to ash.  Dr. Panos Pappas explained how his demonstrations relate to the possible theory of a similar type of nuclear reaction in the human body as a possible cause of Human Combustion.

2004, The BBC (Manchester, U.K.)
"Fantasy Escape"
A Current Affairs program dealing with the if you could live in some place else where would that be? question. The lucky couple chose Greece and the island of Lesvos - with all of the olive-trees, healing Turkish baths and fantastic Mediterranean cuisine a person can ask for

2004, TimeLapse Co (U.S.A.)
Archival footage for Getty Images in time-lapse mode. 
Richard Hardy and Diane Birdsall with state-of-the-art robotic time-lapse 35mm equipment roamed all over Greece gathering some of the most fantastic time-lapse archival footage of Greece ever made. 

2004, Cattleya S.p.A. (IT)
"Quando Sei Nato Non Puoi Piu Nascoderti "
Feature film, directed by Marco-Tullio Giordana. Part of the shooting took place in Greece. Marco-Tullio's previous film La Meglio Gioventù (The Best of Youth) won the Grand Jury Prize in Cannes in 2003. "Quando Sei Nato" participated in the contest section of the Cannes 2005 film festival. 

2004, Dreamax Television (Tokyo Broadcasting System) (JP)
"The Monster Box"
Scheduled for broadcast on January 1st 2005 to over 30,000,000 Japanese viewers, TBSs  Monster Box World Championship is about Olympic medal winners jumping over a 3.56m (yes, 3.56m) vaulting box. It involved very sophisticated logistics for the coordination of seven (7) truckloads of equipment in the middle of the Olympic security siege. It also involved a total film-crew of about sixty five (65) people as well as the professionalism and dedication of everyone involved. 

2004, McDonalds Creative Services (U.S.A.)
McDonalds Charity event  Athens Olympics 2004.
McDonalds executives inaugurated a childrens play-house at the Nea Pendeli Childrens Hospital. A lovely ceremony for the donation of a playhouse from people who actually listened to sick childrens needs.

2004, McDonalds Creative Services (U.S.A.)
Go Active Event - Athens Olympics 2004.
Hosted in a McDonalds restaurant in downtown Athens, the Go Active event promoted the idea of physical exercise and the use of the Step-o-meter. Carl Lewis was there.

2004, McDonalds Creative Services (U.S.A.)
United States Olympic Committee Event - Athens Olympics 2004.
McDonalds crews visiting the U.S. Olympic Committees premises in Athens. Janet Evans was there.

2004, McDonalds Creative Services (U.S.A)
Olympic Big Mac Competition  Event- Athens Olympics 2004.
A delightful and nice competition between selected McDonalds crews from around the world as to how many Big Macs a crew can prepare in just 3 minutes. (The answer is 18). Hosted in the Olympic  Complexs Main Press Center on the opening day of the Athens Olympics, it involved sophisticated logistics and very long working hours and no margin for mistakes: we had just 11 hours in hour disposal between set-up and shoot. Janet Evans and Venus Williams were there. Footage was used by US as well as Worldwide electronic media. 

​2004, Diverse TV (U.K.)
"Becoming Alexander"
Second round of shoots of this one-hour documentary on Alexander the Great for Discovery Channel.

2004, M&M Mediaservices S.R.L. (FUJI TV)
"Trevia No Izumi  The Olympic Torch Relay"
Production coordination and location management on a yet another segment of the accredited Fuji TV series Trevia No Izumi. 

2004, NHK  Japan Broadcast Corporation (JP)
"Oedipus Rex"
Production coordination of the High Definition TV coverage  of Oedipus Rex, staged in the Herod Atticus Theatre of Athens and directed for stage by Yukio Ninagawa. NHK's President was there.

2004, NHK  Japan Broadcast Corporation (JP)
"Parthenon Born Again"
A two-hour HDTV documentary on the restoration of the Parthenon, as well as the Classical Age of Greece. Shot in Greece, Germany, UK, USA, Italy and Japan, and involving state-of-the-art scientific equipment and technology, the documentary explores how the Parthenon was built, how it was coloured, and what it meant to Greece and to the World.

2004, McDonalds Creative Services (U.S.A.)
"Going Home  TVC- the making of"
Production coordination and film-direction of the making of of the Going Home McDonalds Athens Olympics television commercial. The footage was used in press releases and corporate presentations.   ​

2004, NHK  Japan Broadcasting Corporation (JP)
"Sinasos of Kappadokia"
Research and development on the exchange of populations following the Lausanne Treaty between Greece and Turkey in 1924. It was actually the first exchange of population that ever happened on a worldwide level.

2004, Gunnar Merrild Fotografi (DK)
"Bonaparte catalogue"
Location scouting, management and coordination for the shooting of the Bonaparte children-wear catalogue.  

2004, Clear Channel Exhibitions (U.S.A.)
"Tale of Two Cities: The Trojan War Exhibition"
Project development of a touring museum exhibition on Troy and the Trojan War, in partnership with the National Geographic Society and Clear Channel Exhibitions.

2004, Blakeway Productions (Channel-4, U.K.)
A documentary about life, death and resurrection hosted by Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham.  Directed by David Wilson. 

2004, National Geographic Television (U.S.A.)
"Beyond the movie: Troy"
Production coordination and fixing for the Greek segment of the show.

2003, Gunnar Merrild Fotografi (DK)
"Bonaparte commercial catalogue"  location scouting
Location scouting for the Bonaparte commercial catalogue on kids clothes.

2003, Plush Films (AU)
"Qantas Television Commercial"
Location scouting and shooting permits handling for this really complicated and lovely shoot. 

2003, London Weekend Television LWT (U.K.)
"Sex on the job"
Research on rare television footage and information.  

2003, NHK  Japan Broadcasting Corporation (JP)
"World Heritage"
Insert VTR on the Acropolis restoration works for an NHK live satellite broadcast.

2003, M&M Mediaservices S.R.L. (FUJI Television - JP)
"Trevia No Izumi - The turtle and the hare"
Trevia No Izumi is a popular television show quizzing Japanese audiences current knowledge. In Japan they believe that Aesops fable about the turtle and the hare is Japanese. The show proves that the fable is Greek. For this project we had to procure a real hare, a real tortoise, a 50m Plexiglas construction in which the fabled race would occur, a 60m dolly track etc, etc, etc.     

2003, Diverse TV (Discovery Channel  U.K.)
"Becoming Alexander"
A one hour documentary for the Discovery Channel; produced by Diverse TV (U.K.) for Discovery, hosted by Cambridge University Professor Paul Cartledge and directed by Paul Sapin.


2003, Greystone Communications (The History Channel - U.S.)
"The True Story of Alexander the Great".
A three-hour television documentary on Alexanders story, history and personality. Hosted by Peter Woodward, written & directed by Jim Lindsay, photographed by Kevin OBrien and sound-crafted by Bob Utsch.

The "True Story of Alexander the Great" won the silver prize for "biography" at the New York Documentary Festival and each of all three episodes ranked #1 in viewership among all History Channel's programmes for 2004.                                                          

2003, NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (JP)
"Globe Walker - Acropolis Restoration Works".
The segment was about the restoration works of the Acropolis. It also introduced the Japanese audience to aspects of the Athenian/Greek life-style.


2003, NHK - Japan Broadcasting Corporation (JP)
"Globe Walker- The Mytilene Postman"
This segment was about a postman living and working in the island of Lesvos (a.k.a. Mytilene). By following the postman around the island, in both professional and private life, we got the chance to introduce the Japanese audience to an aspect of non-Athenian Greek life-style.

2003, Mariott International Inc. (U.S.A.)
J.Willard Marriott Awards of Excellence- Corporate video
Local segment direction and coordination.

2003, NHK  Japan Broadcasting Corporation (JP)
"Yukio Ninagawa at the Herodion Theater"
Yukio Ninagawa, Japans most accredited theatre director, visited the Herodion Theater of Athens for technical inspection prior to the Oedipus Rex theatrical performance he will stage there in July 2004.

2003, T-Systems (DE)
Friends of Europe / Satellite Tele-conference
Friends of Europe produced a satellite teleconference among four (4) European countries which debated on the political future of Europe.

2002, Discovery Communications Inc (U.S.A.)
"Moments In Time : Antony & Cleopatra: Battle at Actium"
A story about Anthony, Cleopatra, Octavius, a decisive naval battle and the history and stories that emerged out of it. Shooting onboard the ancient Greek Trireme replica "Olympias" with about 80 oarsmen proved challenging yet utterly successful. Produced by Terra Nova Television, hosted by Professor William Murray and cinematographed by Reuben Aaronson.               

2002, National Geographic Television (U.S.A.)
"Tests Of Faith- Anastenaria"
A program on the fire-walkers of the Aghia Eleni village of Northern Greece. Every year from May 21st  to May 23rd , the Aghia Eleni villagers celebrate the Anastenaria (resurrections), which is a religious feast devoted to St Constantine and St Helen. The feast lasts for three days; in the first and the last day of the event the Anastenaris (feast participants) walk and dance on blazing, burning coal without burning their feet. Although the Greek Orthodox Church does not appear to embrace the custom, the Anastenaris deeply connect their feast to the Greek Orthodox religion and celebrate it freely every year.    

2002, Greystone Communications (The History Channel - U.S.A.)
"The True Story of Alexander the Great"
Location scouting and research for this three-hour television documentary special on the story, history and personality of Alexander the Great.  

2001, Coflusa S.A. (Camper Shoes) (ES)
"Magaloc III - Grecia"
Commercial photo-shoot for a Camper Shoes catalogue.

2001, Channel 5 (SE)
A docu-soap as the Swedish call it, the Athens segment of RES-TV was about three young people travelling in and around Athens and being recorded on camera- of course. Excursions included a swim in the sea, a live bouzouki music joint, a heavy metal club, a loud, chip-banging backgammon tournament, etc.

Based in Athens, Greece; providing film and television production and location services in Greece since 2001. 

Member of the (Greek) Media Producers Association - PACT.

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